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Our Teachers

Many teachers and students were previously with Aikido of Fremont (Aiki Zenshin Dojo). We are insured and a member of the Western Aikido Association founded by Robert Frager Shihan, Shihan and 8th Degree Black Belt. The Western Aikido Association is directly affiliated with the Aikido Hombu Dojo in Japan.

Martin Christensen


Martin Christensen Sensei holds the rank of Godan, fifth degree black belt, and has been teaching Aikido in the Fremont area since 1994.  He brings to the mat 56 years of Aikido experience as well as a keen interest in Qigong, Reiki, and Tai Chi.  Martin Sensei emphasizes a strong foundation in kihon waza (basic Aikido forms) and the practical application of these forms to "real life" situations.  He is very interested in helping students understand how to better “feel” and “control” ‘Ki’ (vital life force) and utilize this ‘energy’ in their daily lives.  Martin Sensei believes that an ever deepening understanding of the healing aspects of ‘Ki’ brings an improved understanding and utilization of martial energies.

Derek Tokuda


Derek Tokuda Sensei holds the rank of Yondan, fourth degree black belt in Aikido. Derek has trained in Aikido for over 25 years and brings a strong foundation in basic fundamental Aikido (kihon waza) to his classes.  Derek teaches the Tuesday evening adult classes and is the current President of our board of directors.

Uyen Le

"Uyen began Aikido in 2002 at Aiki Zenshin Aikido Dojo under Sunny Sky sensei. She recognizes two of our teachers, Derek Tokuda sensei and Steve Osawa sensei, for giving leading guidance in Aikido techniques and their effective applications. She also trained at the San Jose Aikido Dojo and obtained her Shodan rank (1st degree black belt) from Jack Wada Shihan (7th Dan) in November 2015. She teaches our Wednesday Children's classes and she is well respected by her students for her firmness and humor."

Stan Chan

Stan Chan teaches our adult classes on Thursdays and Saturdays as well as the Childrens class on Saturday mornings. Stan holds the rank of Sandan, third degree black belt in Aikido. He has 25 years of martial arts experience, including teaching Aikido weapon techniques.

Chris Hooper

Chris Hooper teaches our Thursday Children and Teens class. He holds the rank of Nidan, second degree black belt in Aikido, and has been involved in the art since 2000  Chris is dedicated to the Dojo remaining safe and clean, and filling other needs to keep the dojo operating smoothly. Chris takes great care of the students and is very approachable for Dojo questions, training needs, and student goals.

Keith Love

Keith Love teaches our Tuesday Children and Teens classes, where he focuses on the fundamentals of Aikido and its practicality in self-defense and building self-confidence. He currently holds the rank of Shodan (first degree black belt) in Aikido. Keith started training in Aikido in 2006 under Sunny Skys Sensei of the Fremont Aiki Zenshin Dojo, ASU association. He is the current Vice President of our board of directors.

Steve Osawa

Steve Osawa Sensei holds the rank of Yondan, fourth degree black belt in Aikido. He has also studied Kendo, Judo, and Jiu-jutsu. Steve Sensei is also a senior Koga Ryu instructor. With such an extensive background, he moves his students through the more advanced techniques of many different martial arts. He covers everything from traditional Aikido and sword techniques to jiu-jutsu and judo maneuvers to knife fighting. Steve lives in northern California and visits Fremont to teach and train every other month.

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